WWDC 2017 Keynote Summary

It’s Dub Dub time again. I have seen may WWDC Keynotes. Was this one of the great Keynote Sessions? Nope! But it was a solid »

Dub Dub and Pancakes

It's 2017 and I am not in San Jose. This year I will do Dub Dub back in Melbourne. I thought it would be so much »

Better View Controllers with Storyboards using Dependency Injection in Swift

I want to share a useful pattern that helps keeping view controllers clean, re-usable and encapsulated when using Storyboards. What's wrong with the way Storyboard uses »

Faster test cycles without app delegate for your unit tests with Swift in XCode

Unit testing should be as easy as possible and anything that slows you down should be removed. One thing that makes unit testing slow for larger »

Redux for iOS: Unidirectional Data Flow for mobile app development in Swift

Redux is a progression of the Flux application architecture for web apps from Facebook. In the center of both Flux and Redux is the unidirectional data »