Slackbots, Javascript and NPM, oh my!

Why? Just....Why? First thing's first I'm the realest, I still find it surprising that, because of the software of the same name, the word slack »

For the love of...Testing?

The inevitable Introduction At jtribe, there probably isn't a single work day that goes by where someone doesn't mention TDD at least once. For the ignorantly »

Using Tags to track releases with Git

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Writing Custom Animations on iOS | Part III

Writing Custom Animations on iOS w/ Swift 2.2 Part III: Putting a Window in the Wall Disclaimer: The following post assumes you have at least »

How to write an endless UIScrollView in Swift 2 | Part II: UIPageViewController

Part II: The unsuitability of Solution A with larger, more complex use cases. Disclaimer: This post assumes you've looked at and maybe even completed Part I. »