NSCamp is Back

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In 2013 jtribe came up with the idea of running a developer camp for iOS and Mac developers in Australia. The naming was easy, we called it NSCamp.

The inaugural NSCamp was in 2013 in Kinglake, Victoria and is was a great success. Here are some images from the event.

The inaugural NSCamp 2013

This year, we’re excited to announce that NSCamp will be hosted at the secluded Broken Bay Sport and Recreation Centre in NSW. It’s a fantastic location with great facilities – the perfect place to inspire great work and/or encourage deep relaxation.

When: November 6th - 8th – NSW, Australia

Photo of Broken Bay

NSCamp is the annual iOS/OSX developer camp in Australia.

The Apple developer weekend will run under the motto of

"Social weekend meets hacking with like minded developers" It looks like there is quite a bit of interest in a developer weekend and the people we talked to were pretty excited about it. So, we decided to put our hands up to organise the first NSCamp.

What's going to happen there?

  • You can code/hack
  • Maybe you've been wanting to extract some code out into a library
  • Work on some bugs fixes to a library you use
  • Progress your side project
  • Chill out and play with new stuff (e.g. iOS 9, WatchOS 2, Swift 2)
  • Or maybe you just want to make some new friends in the iOS/OSX community. Most importantly the atmosphere is social and supportive.

You don't have to be a great coder to go. Basically it's what railscamp is for the Ruby community.

More information and tickets are available at nscamp.com.