Our design approach for The Babes Project iOS app

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An overwhelming sense of vulnerability and a feeling of being unsupported and alone, were some of the key emotions that our users felt.

The Babes Project is an organization supporting young mothers dealing with crisis pregnancies. They run as a support system for mothers with babies during the perinatal period, from conception to a year old. The program is run by volunteers.

The brief was to develop an iOS app that would mirror this system and help mothers. The app would also be an additional asset to run the program and serve as a platform for new and expectant mothers to turn to at any hour of the day.

Meeting with Helen and the team showed us just how dedicated and passionate they are about helping and providing support to young woman. Our goal was clear – create a go-to tool for young, expectant mothers to help them feel a little more reassured, and a little more confident that they are not alone on their remarkable journeys.

We first had to gain knowledge of what was needed in order to create a meaningful product. To do so, we ran two half-day workshops. Discussion and listening were our main drivers for user experience and design, and through this, we got a good sense of our users, as well as the team members’ experience.

Once these workshops were completed, we had four two-week sprints for full product development.

As pregnancy support is almost non-existent in Australia, our challenge was to figure out exactly what kind of help women needed, as well as why these areas presented themselves as focal points.

Our main objective was to provide a safety-net that was reassuring and non-judgmental by integrating the already developed Babes Program with volunteers, so that our app users were fully supported.

We wanted to ensure that we could empower women, rather than make this app seem like a lifeline for rescue. Our resources included various forms of neonatal healthcare, as well as advice and input from our client’s existing perinatal nurse. It was of utmost importance for us to allow Mum to feel like her own person with individual needs and goals, which she would be able to meet along with her baby and the Babes Project.

The product would focus on two components:
The Babe: the expectant mother - her personal goals, needs, self-esteem, and dreams for the future.

The Baby: the child – records, pictures and any notes relating to baby’s healthcare.

Key UX factors

For Mom:

  • Help her feel valued, safe, empowered and calm.
  • Help her to be independent.
  • Provide meaningful content relevant to her as a woman and new mother.
  • Progress tracking.
  • Appointment organization and reminders

For Baby:

  • Provide informative parenting content to help mom with baby care and needs.
  • Progress tracking.

The App deliverables:

The app would serve a dual-purpose:
• Ensure women have access to relevant information regarding the perinatal period.

• Provide a space to record and store pregnancy/baby memories with reminder features.

Our value proposition:

  • Every woman should be supported and no woman should birth alone.

Our critical success factors included:

  • Creating an informative, relevant, intuitive and engaging product.
  • Using Analytic data to understand behaviors to improve upon future versions.

As an app that ultimately provides content and resources, our workflow took us through the initial understanding phase onto a content audit – to work through what was most important and useful to our users. Wireframe flow and functional requirements were married with the visual look and feel.

The content and navigation flow looked like this:

Moving side by side with visual design, we created low fidelity wireframes that informed flow and showed us a few blockers and user pain points that came about. Once this was iterated, we created an interactive InVision prototype with high-fidelity user interfaces.

Building a quick prototype allowed us to refine certain aspects and gain valuable user and client feedback. We were able to support the overall ethos of our core ideas, as well as the goals defined in our specs.

Early wireframes:

The visual design was inspired from their existing website and followed through with the same calm, comfortable tone. In order to tell an engaging story, we used our visual framework to create a coherent and consistent user experience.

Color swatches, where primary and secondary colors were explored and developed.

Early design exploration:

Icons for each section were developed to create ownership and guide the user through each part of the app. The concept model was card-based and allowed for easy thumb-navigation. The main title device came to represent a pregnant tummy.

Soft shadows, gradients and rounded corners gave a feeling of comfort and ease as the user moved through the product. Our final product was a result of the flow laid out in clickable wireframes, as well as the lessons we were able to learn from our prototype.

The app:

Becoming a mother is an exciting time that is often marred by anxiety and worry. However, having a quick, accessible tool such as this app provides the reassurance and guidance that women often crave at a time like this.

As a whole, this app was developed to create a calm, safe space for new and expectant mothers to engage with and celebrate milestones for their unborn and newborn babies. We wanted to ensure that these women were able to feel more supported and more in control of their new roles as mothers, as well as instill in them an “I’ve got this” attitude.