Our first BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) project

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Customer Testimonial

The team at jTribe provided an excellent service in designing and developing our BLE connected device android app. This dedicated group of designers and developers really take pride in their work, and are driven to create the best result possible. The access and transparency to the process was very welcome, and ensured that we were kept informed at every stage of the project. The app was delivered on time and to a high quality. We look forward to working with jTribe for future development of our products.

Stephen Dubsky
Movement Assessment Technologies (MAT)

The team

  • Anoar Ahmed - Management
  • Soumya Myneni - Software Developer
  • Stephen Dubsky - Product Owner
  • Kamalesh Raeannon - Quality Assurance
  • Jordan Thurgood - Movement Assessment Technologies (MAT)
  • Tristan Ludowyk - Team Lead
  • Ben Irvine - Quality Assurance
  • Matthew Potter - Senior Software Developer
  • Myka Hecht-Wendt - UX designer
  • Thomas Putt - Design Lead

Our experience working with BLE

IOT was not new to us, but BLE was. That did not stop us from jumping into it with confidence. Matt, our senior Android developer had successfully done a research spike during which he used the mobile phones as bluetooth clients, made one of them a server and checked how they work.

After we started working with the BLE devices, Matt worked on reading the data from the dev kit and extracting the raw data. He also worked on making the raw data meaningful. Matt and Soumya - another android developer used the meaningful data and showcased it pictographically in line graphs, bar charts and gradients.

Finally we were able to read real time data from the devices and show it meaningfully in the application . After thorough testing by our QA Kama we rolled it out to our clients.