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Customer Testimonial

The Babes Project's expertise is working with vulnerable women in the perinatal period. Jtribe's expertise is in app design and development. Having the opportunity to bring our fields and knowledge together to create an app for women in the perinatal period has resulted in something that will be a game changer for perinatal support Australia-wide. Working with jtribe leading the way has been a positive experience. They have guided and nurtured our own understanding of the process, been highly communicative and we have always felt that we were in safe hands. And the results speak for themselves as together we have created an innovative, clean, simple and engaging app that we know women and their young families will love. Jtribe, you're the best. Your team is awesome and we can't wait to work with you again!

The Babes Project

The Team

  • Kamalesh Raeannon - Quality Assurance
  • Rhys Davies - Software Developer
  • Anoar Ahmed - Management
  • Jason Pater - The Babes Project
  • Helen Parker - Founder of The Babes Project
  • Emma Rowland - The Babes Project
  • Tony Tamplin - Software Developer
  • Ben Irvine - Quality Assurance
  • Myka Hecht-Wendt - UX / UI designer

Working with The Babes Project

The Babes Project was a fantastic app to work on, not only were we using some great new technologies for development, it was for a truly great cause backed by an amazing team. The Babes Project is a Melbourne based charity helping hundreds of women through their pregnancies and beyond. We heard a lot of touching stories ranging from scared teenagers with unexpected pregnancies to women in abusive relationships looking for support. The Babes Project have been there assisting and empowering women who needed help through some tough times.

The Technology

The Babes Project is a mobile application built with using React Native, a great library to build native mobile applications for any platform using JavaScript. We made use of Redux to handle state management and Redux Sagas to handle side effects and async.

Firebase was chosen as our backend since it handled everything we needed outside of the app without setting up and managing any servers:

  • Firebase Authentication is used to handle user accounts and social login
  • Firebase Realtime database to store and secure users data
  • Firebase Storage to store and manage their files

Using this software architecture allowed us to focus our efforts on developing great software for the end user rather than wasting time on configuration. Through these decisions, we were able to rapidly develop this highly polished app in under 10 weeks.

The App

The Babes Project app was built to help women through the Perinatal period; from conception, through pregnancy and up to 1 year old. Inside of the app there is a great amount of original content written by The Babes Project for anything you need to know about pregnancy. After setting your due date you will also start to receive notifications that are set up to remind you of what is coming up, relevant to how far you are through the pregnancy.

Core features built to assist in your pregnancy

  • Belly Tracker: Take weekly photos of your belly bump through the pregnancy, then compile into your own time-lapse video.
  • My Appointments: Keep track of appointments relating to the pregnancy and receive reminder notifications the day before.
  • Shopping for Baby: Pre-defined Todo lists for the important items needed throughout the pregnancy with the ability to add your own items.
  • Baby's Moments: Store memories or baby's firsts, add details/images to remember important moments in your baby’s childhood
  • My Profile: Update information relating to me or the due date of the pregnancy
  • Baby's Birth Record: Create a record of the birth and store information about the day of birth