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It's that time of year again! Apple's World Wide Developers Conference is just around the corner, and there are a lot of things we are expecting to see unveiled by Apple next week. From software like iOS 11 and MacOS 10.13, to brand new hardware like the speculated Siri smart speaker, we can't wait to see what Apple has in store.

You can watch the live stream here
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Key Times

California: 10:00am Monday 5th June
New York: 1:00pm Monday 5th June
Auckland: 5:00am Tuesday 6th June
Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane: 3:00am Tuesday 6th June
Adelaide, Darwin: 2:30am Tuesday 6th June
Perth: 1:00am Tuesday 6th June

What Will Be Announced

iOS 11

You can take it to the bank that we will be seeing the next version of iOS unveiled at this years conference, most likely to be called iOS11. We aren't exactly sure what we'll be seeing in this update, but expectations include improvements to Siri, some Apple Music refinements and even some possible visual design changes throughout the system.

As well as this, there have been rumours circulating that Apple's video calling service Facetime could finally receive an update enabling group conversations! I wouldn't go expecting anything like the amount of changes and improvements we saw in 2013 with the introduction of iOS 7, but you may be pleasantly surprised at what appears on you phone later this year.

Possible Surprise: Dark mode for iPhone


Another given is that we will be seeing updates to Apple's Mac platform, recently renamed to MacOS. We haven't heard much at all about what will make it into this update, but we wouldn't be surprised to see improvements to general performance, expanded Handoff functionality and Siri expansion. There has also been rumours about "Apple Music" splitting off from the more general iTunes music player, so we might see something interesting on that front as well.

Possible Surprise: Improved split screen operation

Siri Speaker

Probably the most exciting rumour this year, as well as the one with a lot of credibility, is the expected announcement of an Apple smart speaker. This would be a direct competitor to products like the Amazon echo and Google Home, but would likely be deeply integrated with Apple's HomeKit services as well as Siri.

Apple SVP of marketing Phil Schiller was recently quoted critiquing the lack of screens on competitor products, raising expectations that Apple's implementation may include a built in screen. Other rumours suggest however that the design might be more similar to that of the MacPro, with its sleek, black cylindrical body. Regardless of what it looks like, you can expect to be paying a hefty Apple tax on this one, so best start saving now.

Possible Surprise: Siri speaker doubles as a router

New iPads and Macs

WWDC is usually absent of many hardware updates, being a developer conference focused on software, but it is predicted to be a bit different this year. Apple's line of Macbook Pros are well overdue for a spec update, while their iPad Pro line hasn't seen any updates in over a year! We think it's quite likely we will see improvements to these product lines, as well as the possible announcement of a brand new rumoured 10.5 inch redesigned iPad! Fingers crossed for something great.🤞

Possible Surprise: Updated Macbook Air


There will likely be heaps more seen at the keynote this year. Here are a few honourable mentions that should attract some attention during the presentation.
- MacOS
- WatchOS
- Swift 4 and Developer Tools

What Won't Be Announced

iPhone 8

As much hype as there is at the moment about Apple's next iPhone, don't expect it to get a mention here. Apple is set to release its next flagship phone to the masses later this year, making it unlikely for them to potentially cannibalize sales of their current flagship iPhone by giving us all a sneak peak at what's coming. Luckily the lack of any iPhone action now just means we all have a few more months to save the extra cash Apple's next flagship phone will cost. (We're guessing $1,500+ AUD) 😞


If you're so excited about this years conference that you want to watch it live, why not have a bit of fun while you do so and check out our WWDC bingo card!

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